My name is Safiyya and welcome to my blog Safisticated! I am not new to the blogosphere, having previously posted on Blogspot, however those blogs were of passing time of useless information. My blog Safisticated┬áis about everything sophisticated, mostly (99%) will be of sophisticated home cooked meals with an Indian twist, more so, cooking for 2. It is aimed at young brides, couples, lazy cooks or those who are just starting to cook. My introduction to the culinary world started at a very young age, though I did not concentrate on it, since I had schooling and then University. I am Embryologist by profession, but now its more in theory than practice. After my internship stint, I got married at the tender age of 23 and moved across the country to a small “city” called Nelspruit. It has been 4 years to the day, truth be told, I quite enjoy Nelspruit and its surroundings.

Nelspruit is a predominantly an Afrikaner and Portuguese town, one of fastest growing cities in South Africa, according to stats, but its pretty slow when you live here. Being unemployed and a stay-at-home wife meant watching a lot of TV, browsing the web and no where to eat, that my love for food, sophisticated, a la carte style food culminated. Also to satisfy my husband’s contemporary palate after a long days work.

I will try not to restrict my post on food only, but also include my “home’ town and its happenings. Being from a bigger city, it was a little difficult to adjust to Nelspruit, and especially to make do with what is available. One thing I did not adjust to is moving around, I always on the hunt of something, so if you are from Nelspruit, then lucky you or if you are passing/holidaying, then you know what is available and where.

Until Next Time…